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Stray Animals

What to do when you have found a lost pet or stray animal?

          At AA Animal ER, we want to do our part to help stray or lost pets in need. We offer microchip scans free of charge in order to reunite  beloved pets with their families. In the event that a microchip is not found and housing is not immediately available, please refer to the resources below.  

*Please note that some of these services are not available 24/7. If none of the options below are available, please call your local sheriff's office for direction.

SPCA Tampa Bay.jpeg

SPCA Tampa Bay

Phone Number: 727-586-3591

Visit them at:

Location: Open in Google Maps

Pinellas Animal Services.jpeg

Pinellas County Animal Services

SPCA Suncoast.jpeg

SPCA Suncoast

Phone Number: 727-849-1048

Visit them at:

Location: Open in Google Maps

Pasco Animal.jpeg

Pasco Animal Services

Have a Microchip Number?

AAHA Microchip Finder


Type the microchip number at the this website and follow the prompts: 

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