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Our Protocol

What to do when you arrive:

  1.  Once you have arrived, please ring the doorbell by the registration entrance. Please wait until a team member comes to assist you.

  2.  A team member will present you with paperwork and take your pet back to be triaged. You will then be escorted to the client lounge where you can enjoy our amenities. Please note that you must stay on the premises until your pet has been examined and a treatment plan has been discussed.​​

  3.  Once your pet is triaged, a team member will update you on the current wait time and process your paperwork. Patients are seen in order of severity, not in order of arrival.

  4. Once the doctor is available, they will examine your pet. You will receive a call from the doctor to discuss a tailored treatment plan that suits your pet's needs.

  5. Your assigned technician will meet you in the client lounge to solidate your visit with AA Animal ER Center.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does Triage mean?​

Triage means to assess and organize patients based on the urgency of their medical needs. This means that our most critical patients are evaluated and treated before patients deemed stable.

How long is a typical wait time?

Due to the nature of emergency situations, wait times to speak with a veterinarian typically range from 1 to 3 hours. Depending on the number of critical patients wait times may vary

Why do some pets get taken back to the ICU immediately?

Pets immediately brought to the ICU have illnesses and/or injuries that are of a critical nature. Please note that emergencies present differently, and team members take patients back in order of severity.

Why can't I be with my pet during the exam?

Due to increased patient volume over the last couple of years, we have remodeled our building to maximize patient care. We removed our exam rooms and have expanded our treatment areas. We unfortunately cannot allow anyone into the ICU, but rest assured patient comfort and care are at the forefront of what we do.

Thank you for placing your trust in Team AA Animal ER!

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